Welcome to Suraksha Cables Pvt. Ltd. (formarly known as RR Cable Industries Pvt. ltd.)

Since establishment of Suraksha Cables Pvt. Ltd. (formarly known as RR Cable Industries Pvt. ltd.) ,in 1984, has been manufacturing a wide range of cables for different segments of the industry. " Suraksha Cables " has proven designing and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of customer specifications with the latest state of the art technology and professional approach to ensure perfection in product excellence. The full range of special purpose equipment for in - house machining of components helps us achieve Timely Deliveries, of course ensuring, at the same time, Strict Specification Compliance. "
Suraksha Cables " Cables have an excellent combination of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, conforming to various national and international standards - ISI, FIA, TAC, FRLS.Our commitment is to serve both large and small companies, fulfilled through a Flexible Manufacturing Range and Lowest Minimum Ordering Quantities.  
Suraksha Cables are manufacured in one of the modern plants having all necessary infrastructure required for testing ultimate strength of its insulation, conductor and steel wire & strip in accordance with IS specifications. In Suraksha Cables laboratory heavy duty armoured, unarmoured cables are manufactured with Copper/Aluminium conductors PVC insulated as per national standards specifications. The experienced and technically qualified cable testing engineers ensure that all cables leaving the Suraksha Cables factory meet all necessary requirements of the relevant standards.  
The company has the honour of being awarded, the ISI licence for manufacturing the cables under certification mark IS-1990 & IS-1554(Pt-I)-1998.